Ball Badminton

Ball Badminton

Ball Badminton Winner

Zonal level – Junior held at I.C.I. Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Tenkasi. (5/7/2017)

Strength lives in the mind of a champion                      


Practice wins everyday

Ball Badminton-Winner (Zonal level - Senior held at I.C.I-Tenkasi) (5/7/2017)

Ability is what you are capable of doing.

Ball Badminton-winner in Zonal level – Senior held at I.C.I-Tenkasi (5/7/2017)

Let’s feel full of concentration and joy

Ball Badminton-Winner (Zonal level - Super Senior held at I.C.I-Tenkasi) (5/7/2017)

  When people see you hit an amazing shot.

Ball Badminton-2nd Prize (Zonal level - Super Senior held at I.C.I-Tenkasi) (5/7/2017)

Let us make the feathers fly high, higher, highest